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Live Your Dreams with Shaklee Presentation

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The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS

How You Make Money in Shaklee— Your Nine Income Streams*
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I. GOLD Bonuses**
This is one of the first ways you can earn money in Shaklee. For each SUPER GOLD PAK or GOLD PLUS PAK you personally sell, you earn a $100 GOLD Bonus. For each GOLD PAK you personally sell, you earn a $50 GOLD Bonus. This bonus is paid for your sale of the products included in the selected GOLD PAK.
Power Bonuses
Next, you are eligible to earn points toward Power Bonuses each time you personally sponsor someone into your Shaklee group with a specified product purchase level in the month you sponsor and in your first three full months that follow. Each and every time you accrue 15 sponsoring points during your eligibility period, you earn a $150 Power Bonus. You also get a new three-month eligibility period for Power Bonuses EACH time you increase in Business Leader rank.
Price Differential
This is the retail profit that you make on product sales. You buy the product at one price and you sell it at another and you make the difference.
Personal Group Bonuses
When you and all the people in your Personal Group, including customers, generate a certain volume of product sales each month, you earn a monthly bonus on the sale of these products.
*For information on global sponsoring, visit, select MyShaklee tab, and click on “Shaklee Global.”
**You must be a Gold Ambassador to earn, GOLD, FastTRACK, and International Bonuses. You become a Gold Ambassador by purchasing one of the GOLD PAKs.
4The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS
FastTRACK Bonuses*
Next, you can earn extra bonuses and rewards by reaching certain Business Leader ranks in a specified FastTRACK time frame, starting with Director. This is a lucrative program that can help you earn up to $34,000 in a 15-month period. Factoring in other income sources, those who achieve all FastTRACK bonuses can earn in total up to $100,000 in a 15-month period, plus qualify to attend four trips!
Similar to the Power Bonus point system, you can earn points in our Simple Points Program toward exotic luxury trips and fabulous rewards sponsored by Shaklee each year.
Car Bonuses
Reach 3000 Personal Group Volume and personally promote a new First Generation Director, and you can begin to qualify to earn a monthly car bonus toward a new car for up to three years. The monthly car bonus payment you can earn increases when you climb the ranks in Shaklee.
Leadership Bonuses
Once you reach the level of Director and you begin to develop other Directors in
your organization, you earn a monthly bonus on the volume of each Business Leader up to six generations under you, depending on your rank.
Infinity Bonuses
Infinity Bonuses are earned monthly up to 8% on ALL Leaders in your organization to infinity, based on your rank and the rank of your Leaders—beginning with the rank of Senior Coordinator. There are no limits to the number
of Leaders you can be paid on!
*You must be a Gold Ambassador to earn GOLD, FastTRACK, and International Bonuses.
The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS3
GOLD Bonuses
n Gives you immediate money, paid weekly* each time you sponsor a Gold Ambassador with one of the GOLD PAKs. (PAK stands for “Product Action Kit” and a Gold Ambassador is a Distributor who joins Shaklee with one of the GOLD PAKs.)
n Sponsor a Gold Ambassador with a $750 SUPER GOLD PAK OR
$599 GOLD PLUS PAK = $100 GOLD Bonus.
n Sponsor a Gold Ambassador with a $299 GOLD PAK = $50 GOLD Bonus.
n Why sponsor Gold Ambassadors?
Our research has shown that Gold Ambassadors:
• Are more business minded
• Use 5X more product each month
• Are 2X more likely to reorder
• Sponsor 10X more people
• Are 200X more likely to become a Director
* Sign up for direct deposit and Shaklee will automatically deliver your GOLD Bonuses directly to your bank account weekly. To learn more, go to and enter “direct deposit” in the Search function.
4The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS
Purchase of $299
Purchase of $750
Purchase of $599
Gold Ambassadors
Power Bonuses
n Earn immediate money weekly
n Available the month you join Shaklee, PLUS the following THREE months—and
three additional months EACH time you move up in Business Leader rank.
n Based on a simple point system
n Accumulate 15 Power Bonus points and you get $150!
n How you earn Power Bonus points—each time you PERSONALLY sponsor the following:
• 10 points for each new Gold Ambassador with a SUPER GOLD PAK or GOLD PLUS PAK
• 5 points for each new Gold Ambassador with a GOLD PAK
• 2 points for sponsoring someone with the $39.95 Distributor Welcome Kit and
a minimum order of 100 Point Value (PV)**
• 1 point for sponsoring someone with the $19.95 New Member Kit or the
$39.95 Distributor Welcome Kit, and a minimum order of 50 Point Value (PV)**
*And three additional months each time you move up in Business Leader rank, starting with the month after promotion.
**See explanation about Point Value (PV) for products on page 7.
The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS3
Available in your first three months in Shaklee*
10 pts
Gold Ambassadors
1 pt
2 pts
5 pts
10 pts
(250 Point Value**)
$750 SUPER
(500 Point Value**)
• Distributor with
100 Point Value**
• Distributor/Member
with 50 Point Value** order
$599 GOLD
(500 Point Value**)
4The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS See How Things Can Add Up Quickly?
n Personally sponsor three Gold Ambassadors with a GOLD PAK, and you get:
n Sponsor three Gold Ambassadors with a SUPER GOLD PAK or the
GOLD PLUS PAK, and that amount doubles:
n There’s no limit to the number of Power Bonuses you can earn during the
months you are eligible!*
n And there is never a time limit to earn GOLD Bonuses!** Each time you personally
sponsor a Gold Ambassador with the purchase of one of the GOLD PAKS, you earn a
GOLD Bonus!
*Includes the month you join, plus the next three months—and every time you promote to a new Business Leader rank,
you get three additional months, starting with the month after promotion.
**Gold Ambassador status must be renewed annually by payment of the Gold Ambassador Renewal Fee.
GOLD Bonuses = $300
Power Bonuses = $300
GOLD Bonuses = $150
Power Bonuses = $150
That’s enough to cover the
cost of your $299 GOLD PAK!
That’s enough to cover the
cost of the $599 GOLD PLUS PAK!
Add in your Personal Group Bonus
and you could cover the cost of your purchase of the $750 SUPER GOLD PAK!
The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS3
Price Differential
n Profit you earn from the sale of products. You buy at one price and sell at another.
n Each Shaklee product has three prices:
• Suggested Retail Price for retail customers
• Member Price* for Members (preferred customers)
• Distributor Price* for Business Leaders.
n Each Shaklee product has a stable Point Value (PV) on which bonuses are calculated. Each time a product is sold, you get PV on the sale of the product.
n How Differential earns you money
• When your customer orders products and pays the Member Price, you earn an average of 16% Price Differential. (This is the difference between Distributor Price and Member Price.)
• When your customer buys products at the Suggested Retail Price (SRP), you make an average
of 36% Price Differential. (This is the difference between Distributor Price and Suggested
Retail Price.)
n Point Value (PV) is very valuable because most of the ways you make money in Shaklee
are based on Point Value.
*Member Price (MP) has also been referred to as Member Net (MN). Distributor Price has also been referred to as
Distributor Net (DN).
* *A non-monetary point value on which Shaklee pays bonuses.
Difference between prices is called Price Differential
Suggested Retail Price (SRP):
Member Price (MP):
Business Leader Price (DP):
Point Value (PV**):
4The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS
Personal Group Bonuses
n These are the monthly bonuses you earn based on the PV generated by your
Personal Group
n Your Personal Group = YOU and all the customers and Distributors in your personal team. The Business Leaders in your organization each have their own Personal Group.
n Personal Group Bonuses = Bonuses paid each month on Personal Group Volume total for YOU and for each Distributor/ Gold Ambassador in your Personal Group who generates volume.
n Your Bonus percentage grows as your Personal Group Volume (PGV) grows
n Qualify for the rank of Director at 2000 Personal Group Volume with a bonus rate of up to 20%
n Requirement for everyone to qualify for Personal Group Bonuses: Minimum of 100 Personal Point Value (PV) from your own purchases and retail sales
*This is the Shaklee rank at 1000 Personal Group Volume.
Your Personal
Group Volume
10 Customer Members
Your Personal
Group Volume
Your Personal Purchases
Your Customers’ Purchases
Your Distributors’ Purchases
Up to 4% for 250 Personal Group Volume Distributor
Up to 8% for 500 Personal Group Volume
Up to 12% for 1000 Personal Group Volume Associate*
Up to 14% for 1500 Personal Group Volume
Up to 20% for 2000 Personal Group Volume Director
The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS3 The Importance of Personal Group Bonuses
n You make more money as you grow your Personal Group
Activity breeds more activity. The more people you have buying and sharing products in your Personal Group, the better. Successful Business Leaders recommend that you always have 40 to 50 consumers in your Personal Group, and also always have at least three active builders growing and earning bonuses each month. Having builders in your Personal Group helps you reach Director and gives you a larger bonus on the purchases of Members and customers you bring into your Personal Group.
n See what happens:
If YOU are an Associate
If YOU HAVE an Associate in your group and YOU become a Director
12% - 14%
On YOUR Members’ volume!
On YOUR Members’ Volume
n You put yourself on track to get a new car and earn fabulous trips
Every one of your builders is an investment in your future. You want them to be successful and grow. And when they do, you are rewarded. As they grow, so does your volume. Climb to 3000 Personal Group Volume and promote one of your Business Builders to Director, and you are on your way to driving a new car, thanks to the Shaklee Car Bonus Program. Get 18,000 Car Volume for six months, and you are on your way to an expense-paid trip to the Shaklee Global Headquarters in the San Francisco Bay area.
And that’s just the beginning!
4The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS Let’s Talk Dollars
n Get to Director with 2000 Personal Group Volume (PGV)
The graphic below shows how you could get to 2000 Personal Group Volume in your first month if you sponsored as a Gold Ambassador and subsequently sponsored three Gold Ambassadors and 10 Members within your first month in Shaklee. This also assumes your Member orders average 100 Point Value each.
n See what your earnings could look like in this example:
3 GOLD Bonuses—$299 PAK ($50 X 3) = $150
1 Power Bonus (5 points X 3 = 15 points) = $150
Personal Group Bonus = $370
(Your 250 PV X 20% = $50, 1000 PV X 20% = $200,
250 PV X 3 = 750 PV X 16% = $120)
Price Differential on 1000 PV on AutoShip = $202.25
($20.25 differential X 10 for Vitalizer and Vivix Together Pack)
Total: $872.25
n Reach Director in your first three months in Shaklee and you will set yourself on the FastTRACK by earning free registration for two to the Global Conference!
n Continue to build a solid Point Value base
Your Personal Group Volume and your earnings will continue to grow as you continue to sponsor new Gold Ambassadors/Distributors and new Members into your business and help your Gold Ambassadors/Distributors sponsor using the “3 & 10—Do It Again” model. Successful Leaders recommend that you set a goal each month to reach 3000 Personal Group Volume or more. That allows you to account for varying purchase levels of your preferred customers and the growth and movement of your Distributors as they advance to Director. It also sets you on the path to earn a trip to the New Directors Conference in the San Francisco Bay Area and a new car bonus when you reach the rank of Senior Director.
n IMPORTANT: To maintain Director rank, you must have a minimum of
2000 Personal Group Volume EACH MONTH.*
*Also required to maintain ALL leadership ranks above Director. (See the Shaklee P&R on for special volume allowances when you develop a new Director.)
100 Point Value each
= 1000 Point Value
250 Point Value
250 PV
250 PV
Up to
20% PGV
250 PV
You are
2000 PGV
10 Customer Members
2 Your Growth Strategy: Develop Leaders
Your growth strategy is to develop Business Leaders who will emerge from your Personal Group
and who, in turn, will develop Leaders downline in your organization.
n Position yourself for FastTRACK, Leadership and Infinity bonuses:
• Work to get to Director in three months or less.
Use the Action Plan at the end of this guide to help you. Try for FastTRACK. It’s an extra incentive that can add to your income. You’ll want to encourage your business builders to do the same.
• Target the rank of Executive Coordinator in 12 to 15 months or less
Successful Leaders recommend you should always articulate your next stretch goal so you know where you are going and why. Target Executive Coordinator in a 15-month time frame—you can earn up to $34,000 in FastTRACK bonuses. Should it take a little longer, that’s OK too—so long as you get there and enjoy the income you earn at that rank.
• Visualize Master Coordinator
Now this is your BIG S-T-R-E-T-C-H goal, but every successful Leader who made it to Master will tell you that you need to visualize what you will do to make it happen. Put it out there. It can happen faster than you think!
n Take a look at what can be waiting for you
$10,416 $13,126 $21,784 $37,607 $54,993 $65,673 $97,406 $118,476 $209,793 $387,816 $558,143
*The average annual income in 2010 for the Business Leader ranks ranged from $10,416 for Directors to $558,143 for Presidential Master Coordinators. Average annual income for each rank is calculated monthly based on information reported on Form 1099-MISC for all U.S. Business Leaders who achieved the rank that month. The sum of these monthly averages is the figure reported. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved.
Average Annual Income by Rank*
Figures based on 2010 earnings
1st Generation Business Leaders
required for ranks shown
The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS3
The FastTrack Program
n Offers you the opportunity to earn EXTRA money and incentives for reaching specified Leadership ranks within a “fast-track“ timeframe.* This program is optional,
but the income and incentives offered are so spectacular that is it worth your time and energy
to shoot for it. Visit for complete details (use the search function for “FastTRACK FAQs”). Here’s the topline on how it works:
4The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS
*You must be a Gold Ambassador to earn any FastTRACK rewards.
**2012 Global Conference and Dream Trip locations will be announced at the 2011 Shaklee Global Conference. For more information on trips, visit and click on the MyBusiness tab and select Tracker and Incentives link.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
Promote to Director within your first three full months in Shaklee and maintain paid-as status of Director for three consecutive months, including the month of promotion—plus the month of Global Conference.
Promote to Senior Director in your first six months in Shaklee and hold the Senior Director paid-as rank for three consecutive months, including the month of promotion.
Promote to Coordinator in your first nine months in Shaklee and hold the Coordinator paid-as rank for three consecutive months, including the month of promotion and the month of the incentive trip.
Attend the Global Conference and share excitement, recognition, education, parties, and
life-changing experiences with thousands of Shaklee Family Members from all over the world!
Just think what you can do with an extra $1,000!
Just think what $3,000 will buy! And what an experience of a lifetime you will have on the
DREAM trip—airfare, luxury accommodations, and some incredible meals all part of the package!
Registration for two to the Shaklee
Global Conference—a $500 value!
PLUS 25 Join Us DVDs, one full year of Personal Web Site access (PWS), A FastTRACK business
card holder, and an invitation to join the exclusive FastTRACK Facebook® page.
PLUS a program planner, 25 Join Us DVDs and
a day planner.
$3,000 AND attendance for two
to the Shaklee DREAM Trip**
PLUS a rolling briefcase.
This is your reward for sponsoring and developing FastTRACK Business Leaders
in your group. You have the opportunity to earn UNLIMITED matching bonuses—up to $17,000 per person you help to achieve the rank of FastTRACK Executive Coordinator!
Now that’s money you can really buy something with! Think about it!
The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS3
*If two or more Leaders in the same sponsorship line are in qualification for FastTRACK Senior Coordinator or FastTRACK Executive Coordinator at the same time, the Company will extend the maintenance period for all of them to six consecutive months.
**2012 Top Achievers Club International Getaway location will be announced at the 2011 Shaklee Global Conference. For more information on the Top Achievers trip, visit and click on the MyBusiness tab and select Tracker and Incentives link.
***Organizational Volume is the Personal Volume of a Shaklee Independent Distributor plus the Personal Volume of each Shaklee Family Member (Members, Distributors, Gold Ambassadors) in their entire organization, including Business Leaders. A Business Leader leg is a 1st Generation Business Leader and his entire organization.
Take this example: Ben has achieved the rank qualifications for Executive Coordinator within 15 months after the first month in which he joined Shaklee. Ben has 4000 Personal Group Volume. One of his First Generation Leaders, Joan, is a Senior Coordinator with 10,000 Organizational Volume. His other two First Generation Leaders each have 3000 OV. Therefore, Joan is considered Ben’s strongest leg. Ben’s Personal Group Volume of 4000 plus the 3000 Organizational Volume from each of his other two First Generation Leaders totals 10,000, so he meets the requirement to have 10,000 Organizational Volume outside his strongest leg.
Promote to Senior Coordinator in your first 12 months in Shaklee and hold the Senior Coordinator paid-as rank for three consecutive months*, including the month of promotion.
Promote to Executive Coordinator in
your first 15 months in Shaklee [with the
special qualification for FastTRACK Executive Coordinators to have 10,000 Organizational Volume (OV) outside of their strongest leg***], and hold the Executive Coordinator title for three consecutive months*, including the month of promotion, and in the month of the Top Achievers Club International Getaway.
Earn UNLIMITED 50% Matching Bonuses
with NO TIME LIMIT! EACH time a FastTRACKer earns a cash reward, the qualified Original Sponsor of the FastTRACK participant earns a 50% Matching Bonus. See for complete details and requirements.
$25,000 AND attendance for two at
the Shaklee Top Achievers Club International Getaway**
PLUS, as a new FastTRACK Executive Coordinator, you also get an invitation for two** to the Future Masters Program at the Shaklee Global Headquarters in California.
Each time you develop a FastTRACKer:
$500 for every Senior Director
$1,500 for every Coordinator
$2,500 for every Senior Coordinator (additional maintenance requirements may apply)
$12,500 for every Executive Coordinator (additional maintenance requirements may apply)
Imagine—$25,000 in your bank account to do what you want with! That’s BIG!
And you have the ultimate luxury trip to an international location to look forward to.
The Top Achievers Club International Getaway is limited to those who earn top-of-the-line,
spa-like treatment—the ultimate executive experience with airfare, accommodations,
and meals all part of this fabulous package.
n Travel to the New Directors Conference—earn a trip to the Shaklee Global Headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area—paid for by Shaklee
• See the Home Office up close—meet the scientists behind
our products and the people who support you every day, hear
from other successful Leaders, have a great time, and get a
jump start on success
• To qualify—in your first year as a Dream Plan Director,
achieve a total of 18,000 Car Volume (CV)* within a period
of six consecutive months
• Do it by: 1) Generating an average of 3000 Personal Group
Volume per month or 2) promoting a new Director under
you and counting their PGV along with yours to reach 18,000 CV
• Get airfare, hotel, and have a fabulous time with other
new Directors!
n Qualify for fabulous trips and prizes with the
Simple Points Program**
• Earn points while you build your business:
> For personally sponsoring people—same as
the Power Bonus points. Earn DOUBLE points if
the person sponsored establishes and maintains a
100 PV AutoShip order for three months!
> For new rank development
> For developing Business Leaders in your organization
• Earn incredible PRIZES with the TEAM UP Program**
Win individual prizes and qualify for a team prize, too.
It’s fun and so doable!
• Earn spectacular trips to luxurious resort locations
EACH year! Each year qualifying Leaders take a luxury
trip on Shaklee. Many even earn enough to bring their entire
family. You can, too! And you even have the opportunity to
qualify for two trips as a reward for growing your business.
> The Dream Trip to a luxury resort location**
> The Top Achievers Club International Getaway
to a luxury international destination**
*Car Volume (CV) is your Personal Group Volume (not including the Personal Group Volume
of a First Generation Director in the month they promote), plus up to 2000 in credit for each
1st Generation Leader.
**For more information about points you can earn, visit and click on the
My Business tab and select the Trackers & Incentive link.
***2012 Dream Trip and Top Achievers Club International Getaway locations to be announced at the 2011 Global Conference.
4The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS
New Directors Conference
Dream Trip
Atlantis Resort, Bahamas*** for 2011
Top Achievers Club
International Getaway
Bora Bora*** for 2011
The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS3
Car Bonuses*
n Drive a new car at Senior Director
• To qualify—build your Personal Group Volume to 3000 and help one person under you reach the rank of Director so you have a total of 5000 Car Volume (CV). (See definition
of Car Volume (CV) on page 14.)
• Maintain 5000 Car Volume for three months and you qualify for a car bonus of up to
$250 for an alternative fuel/hybrid car, or up to $225 for a standard car.
• Earn that car bonus for each month you maintain 5000 Car Volume—for up to three years!
n Continue to grow in rank and you can earn an even higher car bonus—
Rank Maintain Car Volume (CV) Get Monthly Bonus
Senior Coordinator 7000 Car Volume $375/$325**
(your 3000 Personal Group Volume and 2000 Personal Group Volume
maximum from each of your two 1st Generation Leaders)
Senior Executive 9000 Car Volume $450/$400**
Coordinator (your 3000 Personal Group Volume and 2000 Personal Group Volume
maximum from each of your three 1st Generation Leaders)
Senior Key 13,000 Car Volume $500/$450**
Coordinator (your 3000 Personal Group Volume and 2000 Personal Group Volume
maximum from each of your five 1st Generation Leaders)
Master Coordinator 15,000 Car Volume $600/$500**
(your 3000 Personal Group Volume and 2000 Personal Group Volume
maximum from each of your six 1st Generation Leaders)
Presidential Master S400 Mercedes-Benz
Coordinator Luxury Hybrid!
*The Shaklee Car Bonus is a bonus that must be applied to the monthly car payment of a new vehicle—leased or purchased.
Refer to My for complete details, including how the Presidential Master Car is awarded.
**Alternative fuel-hybrid car/standard car.
Leadership Bonuses
n These are monthly bonuses you earn on the Personal Group Volume (PGV) of
each Business Leader in your organization—up to six generations.
The higher their PGV, the more income you generate from your Leadership Bonuses.
n See how that works.
As a Senor Director, you get a 6% bonus based on the
Personal Group Volume of the 1st Generation Leaders
you develop. Also, you get 3% on your 2nd Generation
n Leadership Bonus percentages increase as you grow in rank.
The more Business Leaders you have in your organization, the greater your income will be. Look to the Drive the Dream brochure for the full range of Leadership Bonus percentages and requirements for the upper ranks in Shaklee. Just know: You can be paid from four generations deep for Key Coordinator to up to six generations deep for Senior Master Coordinator and Presidential Master Coordinator. That can amount to a lot of money. In fact, top Business Leaders make the lion’s share
of their income from Leadership and Infinity Bonuses, as you will see.
n Take a look at how your Leadership Bonuses increase as you grow to
Executive Coordinator.
In addition to having a required number of 1st Generation Leaders, the ranks beginning with
Senior Coordinator and above also have an Organizational Volume (OV) requirement.* Organizational Volume is your Personal Volume plus the Personal Volume of each Shaklee Family Member in your ENTIRE organization, including all Business Leaders.
*As you reach Key Coordinator rank or above, a minimum of 50% of your Organizational Volume must come from outside the strongest leg in your organization. (A Business Leader leg is a 1st Generation Leader and his entire organization.) For complete information on rank requirements and leadership bonuses, look to the Shaklee P&R available on
4The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS
Senior Senior Executive Keep
Director Coordinator Coordinator Coordinator Going
Required 1st
Generation Leaders 1 2 2 3 Watch
Organizational Volume Requirement 10,000 OV 20,000 OV Your
Percentage Payout
1st Generation 6% 6% 6% 6% Leadership
2nd Generation 3% 4% 5% 6% Bonuses
3rd Generation 4% Grow!
The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS3
Infinity Bonuses
n These are monthly bonuses you earn on the Personal Group Volume (PGV)
of each Business Leader in your organization—with NO limits to the number
of generations you can have—PAID TO INFINITY.*
n Infinity Bonuses begin to be paid at the rank of Senior Coordinator and above and are in addition to Leadership Bonuses as follows:
up to 2% Senior Coordinator up to 6% Senior Key Coordinator
up to 3% Executive Coordinator up to 7% Master Coordinator
up to 4% Senior Executive Coordinator up to 7.5% Senior Master Coordinator
up to 5% Key Coordinator up to 8% Presidential Master Coordinator
n How Infinity Bonuses are calculated and paid: In the example below, the Executive Coordinator gets 3% on his first two legs, and because the Senior Coordinator qualifies for an Infinity Bonus, the Executive Coordinator gets 1% on all Leaders in the Senior Coordinator leg, and the Senior Coordinator gets 2% on the Leaders below him.
n Add the Infinity Bonus percentages you qualify for to your Leadership Bonuses and watch your income GROW!
For example, at Executive Coordinator, you earn an increase of 50% or MORE on your Leaders.* Instead of 6% (Leadership Bonuses), you get 9% (additional 3% Infinity Bonuses) on 1st and 2nd Generation Leaders—and a total of 7% (4% Leadership + 3% Infinity Bonuses) on your 3rd Generation Leaders, and that doesn’t count the ongoing 3% to infinity you get on developing Leaders in your 4th Generation and beyond. The key is growing your organization of Leaders much like a grass-roots organization. It can grow exponentially as many of our top Leaders have discovered! And you can be paid Infinity Bonuses on your entire organization with no generation limitations!
*For complete information on Infinity Bonuses, look to the Shaklee P&R available on
**As an Executive Coordinator, this is not the case with a Senior Coordinator leg or higher
on each
Leader below
Executive Coordinator
4The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS The Power of Leadership and Infinity Bonuses
1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation
Leadership Bonuses $540 $690 $80 $1,310.00
Infinity Bonuses $270 $345 $60 $675.00
Subtotal $1,985.00
Price Differential, Personal Group Bonuses, Gold Bonuses, Power Bonuses** $1,033.50
Car Bonus $375.00
Total Bonus Income $3,393.50
*In qualification for New Directors Conference and Car Bonus.
**Estimate: Price Differential for 14 customers purchasing Vivix® & Vitalizer Together Pack on AutoShip ($20.25 x 14 = $283.50); Personal Group Volume (PGV) including Point Value (PV) (100 PV x 20% = $20), 14 customers—5 new, 9 reordering (100 PV x 14 = 1400 PGV x 20% = $280), two new $299 Gold Ambassadors (250 PV x 2 = 500 PGV x 16% = $80) and two Distributors (each at 500 PGV= 1000 PGV x 12% = $120); two GOLD Bonuses (2 x $50 = $100), and one Power Bonus ($150).
†For hybrid car. $325 for standard fuel car.
Leadership Bonuses
Infinity Bonuses
Executive Coordinator
3000 Personal Group
Volume (PGV)
Senior Director
her cousin
3000 PGV
from work
2500 PGV
from softball
2500 PGV
her brother
3000 PGV
her friend
2000 PGV
Senior Director
her mechanic
2000 PGV*
from church
3000 PGV
at-home mom
2000 PGV

1st Generation
2nd Generation
her friend
2500 PGV
3rd Generation
See What Happens When You Add FastTRACK
to Your Earnings!
n Let’s assume Diane reached Executive Coordinator within 12 months of starting in Shaklee and maintained the Executive Coordinator rank for a minimum of three months—see what FastTRACK could mean for her in a 15-month period. (See chart on page 18 for reference.)
n $34,000 in FastTRACK Bonuses!*
• $1,000 for reaching Senior Director in six months or less
• $3,000 for reaching Coordinator in nine months or less
• $5,000 for reaching Senior Coordinator in 12 months or less
• $25,000 for reaching Executive Coordinator in 15 months or less
n $4,500 in 50% Matching FastTRACK Bonuses!*
• $500 for Mary reaching Senior Director in six months or less
• $2,000 for Peter reaching Senior Director in six months or less and Coordinator in nine months
or less
• $2,000 for Sarah reaching Senior Director in six months or less and Coordinator in nine months
or less
n Registration to the Global Conference*—worth $500!
n Dream Trip attendance*—airfare, luxury accommodations, and more!
n Top Achievers Club International Getaway*—airfare, luxury accommodations, and more!
Why not start DREAMing today—make it YOUR Dream Plan!
The Shaklee Dream Plan: HOW IT WORKS3
*Assumes all maintenance requirements have been met.
> $38,500 in additional income within a 15-month period
> TWO luxury expenses-paid trips
> Attendance at the Global Conference
> Red-carpet treatment and recognition at the Global Conference
> TWO trips to the Shaklee Global Headquarters in California for the
New Directors Conference and the Future Masters Program!
Now that’s STAR treatment!
> Add all the other streams of income from Shaklee and you have an EXTRAORDINARY
income opportunity with the Shaklee DREAM PLAN!
©2011 Shaklee Corporation. Distributed by Shaklee Corporation, Pleasanton, CA 94588. 11-449 (Rev. 6/11

Current Average Shaklee Income By Rank

Cars, trips, and, of course, cash. Cash in the form of FastTRACK bonuses, Power Bonuses (during your first 90 days and each time you achieve a new Business Leader rank), and more!

$6 Billion in Commissions Paid

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

For more than 50 years, Shaklee has been issuing checks to its independent distributors.

Over that time period, more than $6 billion has been paid in commissions. That's billion with a 'b'. Piles of money. Enough said. Think of the difference this has made in the lives of families all around the world.

Now, expand your thinking and try to imagine the difference Shaklee has made as a whole. Not just in pocketbooks ... in health, in the environment, in dreams reached, in dreams lived -- over generations.

What other company literally has generations of loyal independent distributors and customers? There are some, but not many.

Shaklee has actually managed to thrive in past recessions, and today our product line and earning opportunity are better than ever. It's about meeting needs and wants. We're doing something right.

Today, there are 4th generation Shaklee families taking advantage of the Shaklee earning opportunity. Unlike some competitive companies, Shaklee businesses can be handed down from one generation to the next. That's right. You have something to pass on. Many have done it and are doing it, and so can you.

These Shaklee businesses often start out when people either jump into the earning opportunity with full intention of building a business, while others start after people were using the products only, but then found that there was an earning opportunity there, right in front of them.

It all amounts to Creating Healthier Lives, physically, financially, emotionally and in so many other countless ways.

Want to learn more? Learn more about the Shaklee earning opportunity!

Shaklee Corporation Social Web Guidelines


Shaklee Social MediaThis document is intended for Shaklee Distributors as a mechanism to guide the appropriate, ethical, and best use of social Web tools to provide and share information about Shaklee, its products and the Shaklee opportunity. The following guidelines outline best practices for operating knowledgably and respectfully with people on the Internet. They also protect the privacy, confidentiality, and interests of Shaklee.

These guidelines are not a substitute for the rules for doing business on the Internet and/or rules relating to ethical business practices, set forth in the Statement of Privileges and Responsibilities of Shaklee Family Members (“P&R”). To the extent there is any conflict between the P&R and this Policy, the P&R governs.
Guidelines for Interaction about Shaklee on Social Media Platforms

1. Be Responsible

You are responsible for your posts:
* Be truthful, not deceptive or misleading
* Respect the privacy of others
* Avoid content that may be considered inappropriate

2. Be Authentic and Transparent

Always include your name, your company name and identify yourself as a Shaklee Distributor when engaging online as a representative for your Shaklee business.

When providing a testimonial for Shaklee within a forum or other online community, identify yourself as a Shaklee distributor. Your testimonial may not contain any product or compensation claims other than those authorized in the P&R, Shaklee publications, product literature, labels, and/or the Shaklee Compensation Plan and related materials.

When allowing others to provide endorsements on your Web properties, such as a Facebook page, a blog, or your Web site, disclose if the person providing the endorsement was paid or is a Shaklee Distributor.

You may not use Shaklee Corporation’s trademarks for any domain name, email address, social networking profile or page, online alias, handle, or group name.
3. Consider the Audience

As you operate in online communities and share content about yourself and your business, this information, depending on the venue, may be viewable by anyone using the Internet. That said, it’s important to think about the content you are considering sharing on your social network page, your blog, and even your website and whether it could be perceived as offensive, inappropriate or misleading.

While you may participate in a number of communities, the audience you are speaking to may not be the same in each location. Know the audience you are interacting with and be considerate of their privacy and their online properties.

For example, do not use another person’s website to promote your business, unless you are adding value to the website. See more about adding value below.
4. Respect Terms of Service and Community Guidelines

Always review the Terms of Service of a social platform to ensure you are operating appropriately within the channel.

In addition, review any other guidelines that may be associated with the location on which you are participating. For instance, The Shaklee Corporation Facebook page has community guidelines specific to the page. Potential and existing fans should review these guidelines to understand what consists of appropriate and inappropriate engagement on the page.
5. Managing Negative Comments

Every interaction you have on social media sites may be public. Avoid posting negative comments about Shaklee, other Shaklee Distributors, and other direct selling companies on external blogs and websites, including the Shaklee Corporation social media channels.

Additionally, do not share any personal information that you would not want the public to have (e.g., social security number, personal phone number, or email address).

Unless otherwise noted within the community guidelines, customer service issues should not be addressed through public-facing social media channels, but rather through approved channels of communication (e.g.,
6. Add Value to Communities
Social networking sites can be used to share information about the company, products and opportunity and to generate interest in your business.

Share content that provides value to the audience and that goes beyond promoting your business, such as relevant articles that your audience and you are interested in (e.g. health and wellness). If the content helps people improve knowledge or skills, build their business, solve problems, or understand Shaklee better, then it’s adding value.

Do not “spam link” on blogs or external websites
* E.g., don’t comment on external websites or blogs with just a link to your PWS or other Web properties to try to sell products.
o Example of appropriate linking: say why you liked the article that you are commenting on. Does it relate to something personal about you? If so, add a personal comment and then link to your website as a way for others to learn more about YOU and not just your business. People need to trust you as a person first before they are going to be interested in your business.
o Example of inappropriate/spam linking: Posting a link to your Shaklee business website, Facebook page, or other websites without a personal comment that adds value to the article, blog post, or conversation thread.

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Multi-level marketer Shaklee loses endorsement of Harvard professor

The Wall Street Journal reports (subscription required) that Harvard Medical School professor David Sinclair has resigned from the board of Shaklee, a company that markets Vivix Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic, "the world's best anti-aging supplement", through a multi-level marketing system.

The Wall Street Journal has video footage (see below) of Dr. Sinclair speaking at the company's sales convention, describing the company's chairman and CEO Roger Barnett as the "greatest visionary of the 21st century."

That was in August and now he's gone. What prompted the change of heart? According to the Journal, "Following questions by The Wall Street Journal about his seeming endorsement of the product, Dr. Sinclair resigned from the board last week and now says his name has been misused in connection with Vivix, which contains the antioxidant resveratrol."

In an email to the Journal, he wrote that "To my dismay I have found numerous uses of my name and reputation on the Web and in other media that implies endorsement by me of Shaklee's Vivix product. I have engaged counsel to deal with this matter and have demanded that Shaklee cease using my name."

Methinks the good doctor doth protest too much. A cynical person might say that Sinclair endorsed a dubious network marketing product enthusiastically in exchange for his paid position on the company's advisory board and is now crying foul after the media raised questions about it.

Harvard Medical School is looking into the matter.